Unseen Products keeps stock in it's warehouse in Den Bosch (the Netherlands)

As a retailer you can apply for an account on: www.unseenproducts.com/newaccount
Here you can choose your own user name. CC-number means your Chamber of Commerce number and VAT number means your tax number so we can you send the products to you without adding Value Added Tax.
If you have an account you can login on this site. Then you can see retailer prices and make your order.

You can also send your order to info@unseenproduct.com

Minimum order is 500,- euro

Handling and shipping costs
Handling and shipping costs for deliveries in the Netherlands are 25 Euros for each box. Handling and shipping costs for deliveries outside the Netherlands (but inside the EU) are 55 Euros for each box. Handling and shipping costs for deliveries to other destinations shall be determined separately for each delivery and can be requested at Unseen.

Terms of payment:
We ask you to arrange payment in advance. As soon as you give us (proof of) payment, we dispatch the order to your address. With ordering big amounts of products at once there is an extra condition: we ask you to pay 50% of the order in advance and the other 50% with delivery. (We are able to pay the producers for their raw production materials with the first payment).

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