Unseen Products aims to involve European retailers in sustainable trade relations with small producers in developing countries. Unseen Products makes unseen or hard to find products accessible at commercially interesting prices.

Unseen Products has two goals:
  1. To contribute to the economic development of small producers in developing countries;
  2. To introduce exclusive design products from developing countries into mainstream retail markets;
The producers of Unseen Products are working to improve their environmental and labor circumstances over a period of years. Producers who are not prepared to realize improvement or who are consciously polluting, exploitative or unethical, are be excluded.

Unseen Products purchases its goods from producers from countries with an average GNP lower than $10,000 a year and that are published on the list of “United Nations Developing Countries”.

Annual surplus profits above 10% of the turnover are re-invested in the process to increase development and sustainability of the producers.

Unseen Products is initiated by NCDO
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