Unseen Products does not keep any products in stock
Unseen collects orders and confirms the times of delivery. The time of delivery and the closing date of the order will be provided per product. The orders will be drafted in standard unit packs. Smaller retail traders can also place their orders. These will be compiled by Unseen and if sufficient packs are sold, a total order will be placed. Through this method of working we are able to serve the entire range of interested entrepreneurs, including the smaller traders.

After selling the product for four weeks, there will be a decision on the potential of the product; if this is not sufficient, the product will be removed from the assortment and the purchasing party will be informed about possible substitute products that are successful.

After closing the total order, the retail traders who have ordered products, will be informed about the expected delivery time per product and the product order will be confirmed.

Company Gifts
Unseen Products provides a unique full service package of sustainable presents and New Year gifts. In cooperation with a designer we will create your personal company gift which subsequently can be sustainably consigned on your behalf to one of our partners. This service enables you to finally materialise your CSR strategy in view of your relations and staff members. For smaller orders, we can always supply you from our up-to-date assortment.
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