Glimpt, Mattias Rask & Tor Palm

A Swedish design duo..... We strive to work with artisans from around the globe, creating objects with a deeper story in the encounter between design and crafts. Glimpt of South Africa is our first project where we tried out our ambition to work with artisans from other parts of the world. As a joint venture with The Potters Workshop in Cape Town, we created a series of products meant for the European market but with a feeling of South Africa. The outcome was the ceiling lamps Forbidden Fruit. The lamps combine ceramics and turned wooden pearls.

Meena Valail-Dieter

Meena Valail-Dieter, designer and founder of MeroWings International GmbH & Co KG, was born in London and gained an Honours Degree from the University of London. Many years in product management and international market development followed. Parallel, Meena Valail-Dieter designed and painted large-scale paintings which were also exhibited until she decided to dedicate completely to her creativity. Inspired by a quick glance at a bird’s wing, the idea was born to design the MeroWings Wings Collection. Shortly afterwards the first collection Wings were launched. The shape imparts a special kind of flexibility, enabling the wings to fit snugly around the user; providing support for the shoulders, neck and back. The internationally patented MeroWings Wings’ Design was only the start of everything. From now on Meena Valail-Dieter draws inspiration from nature and designs many photorealistic products that are made from luxurious fabrics with high quality digital prints. Every product reflects its own personality that arouses emotions, interest, makes curious and has its special something. It is that certain something in the products on what the designer attaches importance.

Lara de Greef

Lara de Greef is designer of applied utensils. She works with a great sense for aesthetics and shapes, in techniques she further developed after here graduation at the well known Eindhoven Design Academy. Designs were made with many different materials, but for certain there is a clear preference for natural materials. Moreover she has the personal quality to exploit opportunities offered by her environment, in as well an artistic as business way. Her company, Studio Lara de Greef, is very active and an abundance of designs has been launched, ranging from glasswork, ceramic vases to bamboo furniture. Presentations of her work took place at various national and international podia (Amsterdam, London, Milan, Budapest, .....). A mainline in Lara’s work is the design of bamboo furniture. Her stay in India, and participation to the project ‘Dutch Design Meets Bamboo’, in which the possibilities of the material and sustainability of bamboo were the main issue, resulted in a number of furniture prototypes. Bamboo chairs and tables with here own characteristic design style, carried out with exclusively natural materials. Ceramics is another passion. Examples of this are the unique Olympic Gold dishes, the vases series 1+1=3, and the `High Heeled Service', a saucer which can be made in several heights through a technique with a special mould. Artistic possibilities and a broad range of techniques are for Studio Lara de Greef the basis, but the main aim is to design products she can share gladly and successful with you. So assignments or ideas are always welcome!

Ronél Jordaan

Ronel Jordaan is an internationally recognized award-winning felt artist who lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa. After 26 years as a textile designer, Jordaan began exploring the possibilities of using felt as a creative medium. Entirely self-taught and following her own creative instincts, she began to turn fine gossamer thread into robust felted forms. By patiently rubbing and coaxing threads of pure wool into shapes in nature, she found her direction and started a small home industry. All of Jordaan's felt pieces are made with an eye to environmental and social responsibility. The wool is treated by hand, the soap used is biodegradable, the dyes are lead free, and they grey wastewater is used to grow a vegetable garden. Job creation is at the forefront of the company's planning. At present, 40 previously unemployed women have been trained under Jordaan and are now felters of international standing. The most recognizable of all her products are her pebbles and rocks.

Ferry Meewisse

Ferry’s label frrry started some six years ago and the serious, meticulously made work is very much about construction. In many different ways. The ideas are personal, yet timeless. The style is not about trends, but it is contemporary.
A seemingly simple rectangular bag that has not been put together as you might expect it to. For this series he let himself be inspired by the possibilities (and impossibilities) of having a collection produced. This was to take place in a workplace that he, when designing, had not yet visited. In the end the workplace turned out to be very well equipped, but the ideas did come out handy anyway.

Lot Vermeer

Lot Vermeer heeft een achtergrond als decorbouwer en traditioneel meubelmaker. Als meubelmaker specialiseerde ze zich in ontwerp en productie van speelgoed en kindermeubels. In 2005 richtte ze haar bedrijf Elfi Toys op. Het design werd steeds belangrijker, terwijl de productie en verkoop aan andere partijen werd uitbesteed. Inmiddels brengt zij haar eigen ontwerpen op de markt i.s.m. een aantal partners, waaronder Unseen Products. Ook werkt zij in opdracht voor fabrikanten van o.a. meubels en speelgoed. In 2007 won zij de Innovation Award op ’s werelds grootste speelgoedbeurs, de Spielwarenmesse van Neurenberg. `Kinderen hebben een rijke fantasie. Ik zie het als mijn uitdaging deze verbeelding niet in te vullen, maar juist te prikkelen en uit te dagen

Janske Megens

Janske Megens has graduated in 2004 her studies on the department 3D Design on ArtEz in Arnhem with a collection of handmade bags.
Currently Janske Megens has a studio in Nijmegen where she works as independent entrepreneur on her bags collection, her fair trade collection from Nepal and as freelance designer for other companies. She has already presented her work on a number of successful exhibitions and fairs in the Netherlands and in foreign countries such as: Tendence in Frankfurt, Maison et Objet in Paris, Interior Life in Las Vegas, 100% Design in Rotterdam etc.
The products of Janske Megens are fresh, contemporary, obstinate and detailed. Her bags are jewels and delightful to the eye, made of experimental knitting designs or laser pattern canvas combined with high quality of leather. The knitting designs from the women collection of bags are produced in cooperation with the Dutch Textile museum in Tilburg. Recently Janske started a new collection interior products, accessories and jewelry produced by women on fair trade basis in Nepal. These products are sold under the label Janske Megens.

Margriet Foolen

Margriet Foolen (born in 1982) started her own design studio after finishing her studies at the Design Academy in Eindhoven (in 2006). Meanwhile she has produced various designs under the \\\\\\\'diVers\\\\\\\' label. With her interest in materials and processing techniques she designs splendid, simple products which exude functionality. Margriet Foolen has already won several design awards for her work and is often asked to participate in (internationally esteemed) Dutch design initiatives such as Unseen Products. With the Slowcooker, her graduation project, she won the prestigious and popular Red Dot Award, together with the company Van Kempen en Begeer! An international jury of design experts chose the Slowcooker out of more than 5,000 entries. The Red Dot is an important award for designers.

Gerhard and Anthony

Anthony and Gerhard studied together at The Johannesburg Art College. Their respective backgrounds in Fine Art, Printmaking and Ceramics, forms a good bases for the designing and manufacturing at Ceramic Matters. Latest work concerns the representation of South African traditions, history and present environment; incorporating the natural and domestic. The work consists of units/modules that embrace a creative idea. The elements work together to enhance or depict.

Michiel van der Kley

Michiel van der Kley describes himself as a designer with a clear vision. His work is functional, associative and non-conceptual. ‘What you see is what you get.’ When studying history he came across the futuristic furniture design of the beginning of the 20th century and he was sold. After he finished his study he couldn’t stop thinking about designing and started to design furniture on his own. After several years as a self-producing designer he decided to focus on design only, and he started to sell his work to manufacturers. Currently his designs are produced by several leading manufacturers in the Netherlands and abroad, among which are Artifort, Arco, Gispen and van Esch. For Unseen Products Michiel has designed the Impulse Collection, a collection lamps made of Lokta paper.

Manon de Bruijn

Manon de Bruijn is a designer with her studio ‘Manon Juliette’ based in Amsterdam. Her carpet Feliz! which was awarded with the first Toon van Tuijl Design Award in 2007. An Award that stimulates design that contributes to the economic and social development in developing countries. Manon believes that design is there to enjoy the owner and his environment and giving a happy feeling to everybody involved in the process of creating her designs. She brings together the best of different cultures, materials and production ways.

Martijn Homan

Martijn Homan has been working as an independent designer since 2002. In 2005 he founded ‘labelh’: a jewellery and accessories collection, consisting of unique pieces, limited circulations and industrially produced series.
Part of his work centres around the pictogram (the archetype), and draws on the images from early childhood stored in our subconscious mind, as a collective consciousness.
On the other hand, he also tries to investigate the psychological roots of products, perceiving and playing with the interaction between the object and its owner.
Martijn travelled to Lima (Peru) to design a silver jewellery collection in collaboration with Dutch Design in Development (DDiD) and Unseen Products. The collection’s production is based on fair trade principles and will be sold under the name lab925.


The co-operation of feminine producers in Nepal, has started this new project. A Design products collection. In co-operation with Dutch designers a new collection has been produced with the first 18 companies. All participants of this unique project are part of fair business. Womanpower has a poverty alleviation target reached trough a business, work and production improvement.

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